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This tea which originates from the temperate climates of Europe and North America is made from the bark, leaves and flowers of the linden tree. It has different names like silver lime, lime flower, lime tree or basswood. There are two species of it which is the tilia cordata, the winter linden or small-leaved linden and the tilia platyphyllos, summer linden or large-leaved linden.

The linden tree flower is the part of the plant that is most valued. They have a small size, a yellowish-white colour and a very lovely fragrance.  If they are dried, they have a mild sweet taste and are fairly sticky. Linden tree has small fruits that are round, sticky, sweet and cream coloured just like the flowers and mucilaginous. Wines and cordials can be made from the flowers and because of their nice smell are used for skin care products. To brew a linden tea, the flowers, bark and leaves are used.


Health Uses of Linden Tea

With linden, you can make a healthful cup of tea because it has volatile oils, tannins, soothing mucilage, antioxidant flavonoids and a lot of vitamins. These elements altogether offer several and varied health benefits, so let’s look at it.

Sedative Use

With this tea, you can end a day of stress because it will calm and relax you. It will also help with your migraine and headache while soothing your nerves. Because of its calming effect, it is a nice to drink to have when your brain has been working all day with study or work.

With a cup of linden tea, you could take a break to be well rested and then feel fresh to begin again the next day. One good thing that is also known about this herb is that it can be taken by children. They can also take delight in taking this tea or even in bath have a relaxed linden herb in those moments they have that restless or irritable feeling. It is good for hyperactive kids; so they can be given a relaxing bath before they sleep.

Digestion Use

Being stressed can come with digestive issues such as vomiting and indigestion especially for those that their stomachs are weak. Your route to recovery is not far off, what this herbal tea does is that it soothes your digestive tract which relieves your indigestion. It reduces spasms around the muscle in the digestive tract thus getting rid of stomach aches. Because it stimulates the digestive process, appetite is improved.  A Linden infusion helps with an irritable bowel disorder, ulcers, flatulence, bloating and diarrhoea.  One of the huge benefits of linden tea is that it is capable of treating gastro cardiac syndrome.  This is when plenty gas forces your stomach up and thus stressing your heart.

Detoxification and Cleansing Use

This tea is quite beneficial for those that have issues with their gallbladder (not for gallstones, however). It promotes the flow of bile while stimulating the function of the liver. This benefit is particularly enjoyed when the inner bark of the linden tree is used to prepare the tea


Heart Support Use

Linden tea has a diuretic action that removes unwanted substances from your system and increases the production of urine. With its cleansing role, urinary infections are combatted and it helps deal with incontinence that comes from the bad functioning of the kidney. It is also beneficial in clearing cellulitis because it removes toxins that cause skin inflammation from the body.

Calming and lessening the tensions of the nervous system is one good way to maintain the health of the heart. So during anxiety, what taking the tea does is that it helps lessen arrhythmia and troubling heart palpitations. This amazing tea could be what you just need to minimize hypertension risk and cardiovascular issues. It can also relieve the tension on the walls of your blood vessel, as it has the effects of a vasodilator and an anticoagulant. The linden tea comes with a heart-protective action that prevents plaque building up in the artery walls. This causes a better elasticity in the blood vessels walls promoting a good flow of blood. In as much as this tea improves your cardiac health; you still need to carefully study the side effects section, should you be suffering from any heart disease.

Respiratory Use

This tea helps to fight the symptoms of the common cold. Immediately you start experiencing the symptoms of cold, you can start taking this tea. It helps with your cough and sore throat and is a great expectorant. It can also lessen your stuffy nose feeling and relieves your nasal congestion. When you take the tea you can always add honey to it to sweeten it. Should the cold get worse and turns into a fever, then linden is especially beneficial because it can promote sweating. It will enable your body temperature to go down while it concurrently removes the dangerous toxins that might have caused the infection and make you fall sick.



The After Effects of Linden Tea

Although more research is still required, only about three cups per day should be taken and it should be done for short time periods. It should also not be overused or taken for a long period as it can cause heart issues.

When you take over the recommended volume, you can increase the rate at which you urinate particularly when you take diuretics that cause dehydration. For the women that are heavy with child or are nursing, they should avoid taking the tea till they have at least consulted a physician. The tea should also be avoided by those that have a heart disease.